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Congratulations to our 920,000+ participants and the thousands of member success stories. You sparked life-changing results for a lasting transformation.

Together we’ll take simple steps that
help you transform

Built to help you succeed, our members lose weight and live healthier lives through:


Ongoing support and guidance

We’re committed to keeping you focused on your goals — with online group sessions, support from our coaches, and a passionate community of members rooting for your success.


Small steps for lifelong change

To help you reach your goals, Real Appeal recommends small steps every day — and makes it easy to chart your daily progress with our nutrition and exercise trackers.


Resources to keep you motivated

Throughout your journey, you can access the inspiring stories of other Real Appeal members, blog posts and articles to keep you informed, and simple activities to help you stay on track.

*Real Appeal is provided at no additional cost to eligible members as part of their covered health insurance plan. Our approach is based on decades of clinical weight loss research focused on simple steps combined with personalized tools and support.

Real Results
For Employers

Proven Cost Savings: 2:1 ROI in 3 Years

A recent peer-reviewed study demonstrates that Real Appeal delivers a more than 2:1 ROI in just three years.

Scalable Success

Numbers may hold the clue for a successful weight loss program at your company.

Discover how big numbers and a broad population helped to drive clinically significant results for employee weight loss programs using an intent-to-treat analysis.