6 Workplace Health Hacks

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It’s no secret that prolonged sitting and inactivity can be one potential contributor to possible health risks; like, weight gain, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and muscle atrophy to name a few.

Our friends at Rally Health put together a list of 6 workplace health hacks that can help motivate your employees to focus on their health while staying productive during their workday.

  1. Bicycle racks: Biking to work is a great way to get in some additional exercise during the day but bike storage can be challenging. Providing inside storage areas is a great way to accommodate this. Also, check to see if your city offers a bike share program with a station close by and encourage your employees to use them.
  2. Walking meeting routes: Walking meetings have become the new norm in many corporations. Creating walking maps for employees that show routes, steps, time, and calories burned can be a fun way to get them moving.
  3. Stairs: Encourage employees to take the stairs as much as possible throughout the day. Installing fun messages or photos on the walls can make a stairwell feel a little less daunting and drab.
  4. Decentralized work spaces: The way common work areas are positioned can greatly enhance employee movement during the day. See if there are ways to change the current floor plan that will get your employees walking just a little bit farther to the printer station or water dispenser. Those extra steps add up.
  5. Onsite play spaces: Not every business can afford a gym for their employees; however, it is possible to arrange fitness activities on a daily or weekly basis. Organizing a lunchtime walking or running club or conference room yoga provides exercise and social opportunities during the day.
  6. Non-sitting desks: Standing desks have become increasingly popular in business. Research has shown that people who use them do end up moving one to two hours a day more. Also, there are many affordable stand-up desk kits available, so offering this option to your employees doesn’t necessarily have to break the bank.

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